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lunalovegoodinthetardis asked: "What are the rules for applying?"

Just fill out the application form here and submit it to us! Please make sure that you have filled out all of the parts of the application though. :) 

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The Ninth Doctor has been closed
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Anonymous asked: "Will the members be allowed to play with independent accounts?"

To be perfectly honest, It is preferred that our members do not roleplay with independent roleplayers on their Ticking Tardis account. I know that may seem harsh, but as all the members will be following each other it will get too confusing if Nine is roleplaying with multiple Rose’s on the dash.

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River Song is now closed.

We are currently awaiting her URL.

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Ticking Tardis is in need of a Doctor!

Or three!

If you are interested in reading the biographies for the doctors you can find them here

Nine  • TenEleven

We’d love to fill these roles soon and begin roleplaying!

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travelingmadman asked: "Can you reserve nine then please? :) I've decided that I want to join."

Sure thing! :)

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themindjustraces-deactivated201 asked: "May I reserve River please?"

Sure thing :)

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Melody Pond — Alias: River Song — Age: 27 — FC: Alex Kingston
Doctor: 11 — Species: Child of the Tardis — Reserved

+ Daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams
+ Has not until this moment met with the Ninth or Tenth Doctor, but is aware of who they are.
+ Is rather amused at the way that the Doctors interact with each other.
- Mildly concerned when everyone starts to get too comfortable with the timeline overlaps and is often a “Negative Nancy” telling them that it is impossible for this to continue.

Melody “Mels” Pond, later River Song, was a “child of the TARDIS”. She was human with Time Lord DNA, conceived by her parents, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, onboard the Doctor’s TARDIS as it travelled through the Time Vortex. This gave her the potential for great strength and regeneration, to pilot the TARDIS and understand complex principles of Time and Space.

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