Trust us, we're the doctor.

Rose Tyler — Alias: Bad Wolf — 19 — FC: Billie Piper
Doctor: 9 — Species: Human — Taken

+ Current/First Companion to Nine
+ Very close to Nine and Captain Jack
- Has not met Ten or Eleven prior to the second time overlap and thus will not meet a second version of herself.
- Has no idea of how close her relationship becomes with Ten
- Very protective of her Doctor and is often jealous of the other companions 

Rose Marion Tyler was the first known companion of the ninth incarnation of the Doctor. Rose met the Doctor again later on 4 March 2005, early in his ninth incarnation, when he saved her from an attack of Autons in Henrik’s. Rose helped the Doctor track down the Nestene Consciousness animating the Autons and, when he was being held by two of the Autons, used her gymnastic skill to set him free. The Earth saved, the Doctor invited Rose to travel with him. Initially, she refused, and the Doctor left, only to return a few moments later to mention the TARDIS had the ability to travel through time. Given this second chance, Rose joined him in the TARDIS, giving her boyfriend a kiss and leaving him and her mother behind on Earth. The Doctor modified her mobile phone to be able to communicate across time and space, among other functions.

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