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Rory Williams — Alias: The Pretty One (Idris) — Age: 22 — FC: Arthur Darvill
Doctor: 11 — Species: Human — Open

+ Mad for Amy Pond
+ Erased from the Universe when he was absorbed by the Time Field, reincarnated as a Roman Soldier.
- Constantly on edge about Amy’s relationship with the Doctor but when it really matters she always comes back to him.

In 2010, not knowing Amy had left in the TARDIS and spent days away from Leadworth, Rory was surprised as the Doctor unexpectedly appeared in place of a stripper at his stag party. He was disheartened to learn that Amy had tried to kiss the Doctor. The Doctor took the couple on a “romantic break” to Venice in 1580 as a wedding gift. They ran into Saturnyns who planned to flood Venice and repopulate it with their species. Rory defended Amy from Francesco, a Saturnyn who wished to convert her into a “fish from space”. The Doctor defeated the Saturnyns and Rory agreed to continue travelling with the Doctor after Amy asked him to.

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Amelia Pond — Alias: Amy — Age: 20 — FC: Karen Gillian
Doctor: 11 — Species: Human — Open

+ Met the Doctor when she was a little girl and prepared to run away with him, but when the Tardis skipped ahead 12 years instead of 5 minutes, she lost hope in ever seeing him again.
+ Married to Rory Williams
- Held a grudge against the Doctor for a short while, while travelling with him, over the 12 year wait.

The Doctor returned in 2008 when she was calling herself “Amy” to distance herself from her “fairy tale” name. She was Rory’s girlfriend and had a job as a kissogram. At first dubious, she helped the Doctor defeat Prisoner Zero and warn the Atraxi to never return to Earth. While he took two years to take the TARDIS to the moon to break in the new engines, Amy was engaged to be wed to Rory on 26 June 2010. The night before, the Doctor returned to keep his fourteen-year-old promise. She joined him on condition she be returned before morning. She did not mention her wedding.

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The Doctor — Alias: Eleven — Age: 907 Earth Years — FC: Matt Smith
Doctor: n/a — Species: Time Lord — Reserved

+ Eleventh Incarnation of the Doctor
+ Has a stronger bond with Sexy ever since she took her living form allowing them to communicate more than they had been able to
- Has a lot of memories flood him upon seeing his two previous reincarnations and companions.
- Very worried how the time overlaps will effect time and all of their timelines.
- Saddened by the truth that he knows is inevitable for Rose and Donna even though he cannot tell them about it or change it from happening 

The Eleventh Doctor was the eleventh incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor. Although he was very alien compared to his previous incarnation, he retained his vigour for defending the Universe. 

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