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Ticking Tardis is in need of a Doctor!

Or three!

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Nine  • TenEleven

We’d love to fill these roles soon and begin roleplaying!

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They say that he is like fire, like ice, and like rage. That he is like the night and the storm you can find in the heart of the sun. He is ancient and forever. He burns, right in the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe..that he’s wonderful. What if there were three of a man so perfect? What if Time folded over itself, causing timelines to overlap and this man to meet himself. Not only once, but twice. What if his ancient life crossed in two places? Causing there to be three of him? There’s only one way to find out.


RPG Status: Closed. 

The RPG’s open date is determined by the application count. 
Applications needed to open: 5
Applications received: 2 and awaiting 1.  

RPG Founded: May 1st, 2012

Open Characters

Currently the most needed roles are:

  • Ninth Doctor
  • Rory Williams 
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The Tardis — Alias: Idris, “Sexy” — Ageless — FC: Suranne Jones
Doctor: 9/10/11 — Species: Type 40 TARDIS — Taken

+ Has already taken the living form of Idris
+ Can talk directly only to Eleven
+ Telepathic communications with Nine and Ten
+/- Refers to Rory as “the pretty one”
- Cannot speak directly to the companions 

During the first ten regeneration of the Doctor he quite often said that he built his TARDIS. But all previous accounts that the Doctor had built the TARDIS do not co the most direct commentary on the Doctor’s acquisition of the TARDIS came from the TARDIS herself. When House transferred the soul of the TARDIS into Idris, the TARDIS gave her side of the story. She confirmed she had been out of commission, a “museum piece”, when the First Doctor met her. She also confirmed that the Doctor had stolen her, denying the Eleventh Doctor’s attempt to characterise the action as “borrowing”. She even insisted that she had stolen him. She was unlocked and had deliberately let him steal her because she wanted to explore the universe and sensed he would be an ideal match. According to the TARDIS, the Doctor’s first words to her, some seven hundred years before, were:

"You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known . ."

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The Doctor — Alias: Eleven — Age: 907 Earth Years — FC: Matt Smith
Doctor: n/a — Species: Time Lord — Reserved

+ Eleventh Incarnation of the Doctor
+ Has a stronger bond with Sexy ever since she took her living form allowing them to communicate more than they had been able to
- Has a lot of memories flood him upon seeing his two previous reincarnations and companions.
- Very worried how the time overlaps will effect time and all of their timelines.
- Saddened by the truth that he knows is inevitable for Rose and Donna even though he cannot tell them about it or change it from happening 

The Eleventh Doctor was the eleventh incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor. Although he was very alien compared to his previous incarnation, he retained his vigour for defending the Universe. 

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